The Arts
Lets Get Active

Parks are located all around Tucson.
You can rent ramadas, which are usually equipped with barbecue grills, or a meeting or conference room. Many conference rooms have kitchens

Want to have fun with painting, sculpting? Like music & dance? Check out these party places!

Jumping around, swim, exercise, MMA or any array of physical activities, this is for the parties that promote active parties (and get them all wore out of course). 

Food & Sweets

Looking for a pizza party!?! Or a fun restaurant to have your party at? Here you go!

Knowledge is power! There are varietyof locations around Tucson that provide a fun time while learning something new

Love animals? These parties are sure to meet your animal needs! I bet you didn't know you can lease a horse!

Movie Theaters

Very few things are better than a movie & popcorn....Imagine having the theater all to yourself? You can party on the red carpet!

Fun & Games

Kids just want to have fun, fun! If you think it is all about fun and games... then this is where you belong!

Party Addons

You have your party... Now it is time to add on to it.

Check out these awesome additions to make your party even better.